2 Beds Room

Weekend – Rs. 4800 for 4 persons per day + Rs. 1200 for additional person
Week days – Rs. 3600 for 4 persons + Rs. 900 for additional person
( Mon to Thu )

We offer a package of Rs 4,800 per day stay for 4 persons Additional pay of Rs 1,200 per person.
Tea + Breakfast for Rs 75 and Unlimited Veg. lunch or dinner of Rs 185 ( Limited Sweet ) per person. Complimentary one bullock cart ride.
We happily host children up to 5 years without any charge. We can comfortably host a maximum of 10 pax.


Private Bedroom

Shared Bedroom

dinning room

For all those who are missing their childhood visits to their village home, this is the place to be. You can live your lost memories. A must to visit for children to see Aad, Konada, Khunti, Kaul, Vasa, Phadtal. Haven't we lost not only these items but even the words from our language.

Basic info
  • Mangalore tile roof.
  • Sagwan furniture is truly heritage.
  • Full wooden furnished bedroom.
  • Two rooms for family and friends.
  • Rock on the rocking chair.
  • Swing in central room big jhoola.
  • Enjoy your bullock card ride.

  • Rs. 4,800 Weekend ( 4 person per day )
  • Rs. 3,200 Week days ( Mon to Thu )

Basic info

Come let us go for morning walk in the farm, experience the morning freshness of grass and crops. Learn how to milk a cow, have a bullock card ride


Enjoy your night under the open sky, gazing the stars while sleeping on the baj. Campfire will keep you comfortable in the chilling night. Well with wheel - learn how to fetch water from 60 ft deep well. Full fledged Pure Veg kitchen ready to serve you typical Maharashtrian delicacies of your choice. Also, offers wonderful grill and tandoor.

Terms of use

Please Carefully use farmhouse area.